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Industries We Serve

Connect Energy Resources works with customers of all sizes from corner stores to municipalities to large industrial & manufacturing. We serve customers from many sectors & industries. We do not serve residential customers, however we will help point you in the right direction when it comes to managing your home energy. Here are some examples of customer segments, common problems that we solve and types of businesses we serve.

Small & Medium Commercial Customers

This segment is the most overcrowded with suppliers, brokers and telemarketers. We’ve found that this customer pool has been overwhelmed in the past decade with aggressive and deceitful sales tactics.

Large Commercial & Industrial Customers

LCI customers typically spend 1-5% of their revenue on energy. These customers are continually looking for new or better tactics for smoothing out cost volatility and managing futures risks to their business to best insulate profit margins. LCI customers like to build energy into the cost of goods sold the same as they would for raw materials and transportation costs.

Institutional Customers

Municipal and Educational customers are driven by a fair, accountable and transparent process when managing their energy spend. Compliance is key and customers usually need to adhere to rigid purchasing requirements in accordance with codes and regulations..

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