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As an independent consultant we represent the buyer, not the supplier, when choosing an electricity or natural gas supplier. Our experienced team will educate the customer on the opportunities available in the market while discovering what the customer wants from an energy agreement. Once our pre-RFP exploration with the customer is completed and agreed upon we move to executing an highly competitive and transparent procurement event.

Our staff invites only top-tier, licensed and reputable suppliers to competitively bid on our customer’s energy supply. We validate all bids to assure they represent the product terms requested by our customer. We evaluate the supplier agreement with the customer and confirm that the price is secured once the agreement is completed. We manage the relationship between the customer and supplier during the term of the agreement. We support our customer before, during and after the completion of an agreement.

As a consumer of electricity from the grid, you pay for both the actual energy you consume (the kilowatt hours) and the amount of energy that needs to be available to serve your account based on your kilowatt demand (peak load, also called peak demand). The peak load on an electrical grid is simply the highest demand that has occurred over a specified time period. By making targeted adjustments to energy usage during these peak hours, your overall energy costs can be reduced over time.

Your peak load contribution (PLC) is determined by your usage during the highest peak hours from the previous year. The hours during which the usage was the highest across the entire independent system operator (ISO) grid—not just your zone or utility—the “peak hours,” vary regionally.

When considering energy management, it is not only imperative to focus on how much energy is used, but also when it is being used as this can affect your PLC. With our Peak Load Management Programs, Connect Energy and our supply partners leverage wholesale market expertise and aim to predict peak grid hours. We then send day-ahead and day-of notifications, alerting you to the anticipated peak. This allows you to choose if you would like to curtail load or not—no obligation; it is completely voluntary.

Benefits are realized the following year when regional grid operators determine your share of capacity charges based on historical consumption during peak grid hours. In short, if you reduce consumption at peak hours this year, you’ll be charged less next year.

  • Low-risk opportunity – Voluntary participation
  •  Transparency – Informational access into consumption patterns
    Active participation results in:
  • For fixed capacity shared savings (Capacity Adjust) customers—a credit on your invoice during the year following your participation in the program
  • For pass-through capacity customers—a reduced peak load contribution (PLC) and therefore a lower monthly capacity charge the following year
  • For fixed capacity notification only customers—a reduced peak load contribution (PLC) and therefore a lower monthly capacity charge when a new contract is priced.


Our analysts monitor the energy market daily so our customers always have a reliable and reputable resource when exploring and planning their energy budget. Customers receive updates on the energy market from our experienced energy analysts.

After the completion of a supplier agreement our staff will set up target pricing for the customers next agreement. The market update may include indicative pricing for their next energy agreement so customers are always informed and ready to take advantage of the opportunities in the market. This market update helps customers stay within their budget for future years.

Our customers need to know what they will spend on energy now and in the future. We provide detailed energy budgets and forecasts to our customer so we can proactively work together as a team to meet their energy goals.

Demand Response is a voluntary program that compensates retail customers for reducing their electricity use, when requested by a grid operator, during periods of high power prices or when the reliability of the grid is threatened.

For customers who wish to lesson the environmental impact of the energy consumption can purchase REC’s. REC’s provide businesses a means to support renewable energy generation and meet clean energy goals without implementing on-site generation.

Managing energy spend comes down to the price you pay for energy and the amount energy your business consumes. We have partners who can help uncover the incentive programs provided in most states to lower the amount of energy consumption.

We support our customers, whether it be through a charitable donation, a corporate sponsorship to a golf outing, membership to trade organizations, volunteering our time or buying a booth at a trade show. Further, we provide a single point of contact so our customers always know who to contact when questions arise. Our best way to generate new business is from word of mouth referrals from happy customers who are proactively telling others about their experience with Connect Energy Resources.