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Large Commercial & Industrial Customers

Most Common Problem: Forecasting future price volatility.

Our Solution: Commodities markets are extremely volatile and unpredictable by nature. Our experts rigorously review the cost of energy in each market on a daily basis. We proactively engage suppliers well in advance of the contract expiration and if the market is rising or falling we will notify the customer of the potential impact to their budgets.

Energy decisions should be made based on market intelligence. We install target pricing for the next energy agreement just after the completion of the current agreement. We set triggers on the high side (ceiling trigger) and low side (floor trigger), then let the market trade in that range. If the market trends at or near either trigger then we notify our customers of the situation and act accordingly. 

LCI Customers include:
Plastic Manufacturers, Asphalt Plants, Grocery Stores, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Auto Parts Manufacturers, Aerospace Manufacturers, Commercial Real Estate

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